We’re here to house the world’s shared secrets.

For thousands of years humankind managed their wayfinding at an interpersonal level. Generations of stories and advice relayed and relied upon, that led us to the best truffles in the forest, the barn at the end of the river, and the promised saloon after the mouth-dry desert ride. So, how come we ended up so far off track? Letting algorithms and persuasive design decide what fits us best, rather than our friends and the people we trust.

Scrolling endlessly through deserted beaches, new local pop-ups and parties, but finding nothing. It’s pretty damn clear that social experiences have, once again, become a valuable commodity. Let’s welcome in a new era of old fashioned experience referrals. This is digital word-of-mouth and we’re talking again.

We’re here for the travellers, adventurists and voyeurs. We’re making connections and taking back what was already ours. We’re here to house the world’s shared secrets.

We are FEEV.