Connect with the Present,
Build for the Future

Core team foundation & technology partners
Intellectual property registrations
Market research SMPs, OTAs and ticketing providers
Visual and brand strategy development
iOS & Android social app development (closed beta v1)
Travel modules integrated v1
Places modules integrated v1
Ticketing modules integrated v1
Team expansion and key advisors onboarded
Expanded IP registrations (e.g. Feevie - BAYC #6426)
Market research Metaverse
FEEV x Josh McKenna artist partnership
iOS & Android blockchain integration
IATA consolidator partnership
Concierge partnership
NFT collections deployed
Expanding in-house technology team
Member Club partnerships
Digital Member Club
IRL Member Club
Crypto payments travel & lifestyle
Content creation tokenisation integrated v1
Social NFT marketplace v1
iOS & Android social app web3 (launch v1)
Omni-channel platform (feev.com v1)
NFT Travel protocol v1
NFT Places Protocol v1
NFT Ticketing Protocol v1
Tokenisation physical goods & services
Expand on partnerships
Social NFT marketplace v2
Welcome to the Feeverse